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  • Linux Mint on an Acer em350 netbook

    A quick note on installing Linux Mint on an Acer eMachines netbook (em350) for anyone going down the same path. This netbook is a few years old and the installed OS  (Windows 7 starter) had slowed almost to a crawl. After some painful session trying to work out what was causing excessive load under Windows […]

  • Upgrading Debian 5 to 6

    It’s never much fun upgrading major versions of operating systems and I always get slightly uncomfortable during the process. Knowing you have a good backup is always handy (thanks linode). In this case I was going from Debian 5 to 6 and as usual, the Debian folks have made it smooth sailing. This guide on […]

  • Hosting at Linode

    I’ve started hosting all my personal sites at linode. I have root access to my own Virtual machine and I have installed Debian 5.0, lighttpd, mysql, and a bunch of Drupal and WordPress sites. I have found an incredible performance boost compared to shared hosting and it only costs slightly more. I’d highly recommend this […]

  • nswsphere streamed

    There’s a lot of talk about the carbon footprint of attending conferences these days and on Friday I attended my first virtual conference. NSWsphere provided a live stream of the conference. The job they did was excellent (numerous cameras, direct mic etc.) and I was able to watch easily without getting frustrated. The second important […]